Operation of tankomats ranks among our services at selected petrol stations. Thanks to tankomats you can also refuel your car out of operational opening hours (payment just posiible by credit card). It is simple and fast, in addition, you can use your bonus card as well.

Petrol stations with tankomats:
- Férové pumpy – Senec
- Férové pumpy – Bratislava (cash payment possible)
- Férové pumpy – Pezinok
- Férové pumpy – Detva
- Férové pumpy – Vráble
- Autohof Žilina
- Autohof Krupina
- Autohof Lučenec


How it works?

1. Pre-authorize the amount at the tankomat.

2. Select the number of a fuel dispenser where you wish to refuel.

In case there is tankomat system available at all dispensers, skip this step.

3. After the refuelling process take the receipt from the tankomat.


Frequently asked questions

How the pre-authorization works?
Amount that you pre-authorized at refueling is blocked on the account. After completion of refueling the bank deducts the amount you refueled from the tankomat.The pre-authorized amount si not displayed in your account activity, you can just find the pre-authorized amount in blocking. Depending upon your bank raising the blocking lasts 1 – 5 workdays. After raising the blocking, just from this reason you will not see a minus transaction in your account activity.


Is it possible to use bonus card for payment at tankomat?
Yes. After selection of the amount you want to refuel your car for, confirm the amount by scanning your card. Bonus points are credited after refuelling.


Can I apply for discount on refuelling for bonus points?
No. It is just possible during opening hours of cash desk, not at tankomat operation.


Is it possible to pay cash at tankomat?
It is possible to pay cash just at tankomats of Férové pumpy – Lamač.


Who to contact in case of problems?
In case of problems we recommend you to contact and write us to tamtrans @tamtrans.sk along with a detailed description of the problem.

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