Freight transport

Freight transport

In 1995 freight transport was the primary investment project of a newly established T&M company Ltd. based in Šárovce (later renamed to Ta M trans spedition Ltd.)

Precision at work and satisfaction of customers with freight services of the company resulted in later growth of the company up to current form in which our company is a well-respected stable partner of many significant production companies in the area of freight transport.

The company keeps at disposition a  constantly modernized fleet:

  • semi-trailer trucks
  • semi-trailer tank trucks
  • several smaller light transport vehicles to ensure operating transport.

The company owns  and operatesies a service / maintenance centre with capacities for parking, maintenance/service, reparations, refuelling, tyre service and storage places in Šárovce. All the services  are available after agreement to another business partners and other forwarders.